Bappenas Encourages Development Synergy between Central and Regional Areas through 2023 PPD Awards

JAKARTA –  The Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa presented awards to local governments who won the 2023 Regional Development Awards (PPD).

Previously, the 2023 PPD had been announced at the National Development Planning Conference (Musrenbangnas) before the Vice President of Indonesia Ma’ruf Amin. “The main goal of PPD is that we want to gain experience from the regions regarding innovation, development policies developed in the regions based on the scale of each region, the scale of the problem, the scale of capacity in terms of financing, available public sector workers (ASN), and state of bureaucracy,” Minister Suharso said at the Bappenas building in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/6).

The PPD is expected to encourage local governments to develop plans that are more consistent, comprehensive, measurable, and feasible. In addition, PPD is also an important measure for synchronizing development planning at the national and regional levels. “If planning is synchronized, then the existing capacity can be maximized and also the capabilities we have can be used properly, limited resources can be used optimally. Hopefully we can manage the efficiency of the limited budget,” the Minister added.

PPD also acts as a forum for local governments to collaborate and introduce innovations in development planning and implementation, sharing smart regional development practices through workshops, webinars, comparative studies, books, and expos. “We continue to encourage replication, innovation, and help replicate achievements in the regional areas. We believe innovation can become habitual and can be taken into account into planning documents,” Bappenas’ Acting Deputy of Development Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control Erwin Dimas.

The awards are divided into three categories, namely provinces, districts, and cities. The Best Province award was won by Central Java, followed by runners-up South Sumatra, and West Java. The reason for their victory are due to their allocation of a deconcentration budget of IDR 10-20 billion to develop further innovation. Meanwhile, the Best District award was won by Temanggung Regency, followed by West Aceh, and Garut. The winner of the Best City award was Sukabumi, West Java, followed by Palu, Central Sulawesi, and Semarang, Central Java.

The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas also gave Special Awards for Regional Development, namely Special Awards in the Field of Green and Low Carbon Economy Development for Riau Province, Early Initiations for Circular Economy for Central Java Province, and an Alternative Financing Innovation Government Cooperation Financing Schemes and Business Entities for Provision of Infrastructure Award for Madiun Regency.