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Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas

  Dr. (H.C.) H. Suharso Monoarfa

Expert Staffs Of The Ministry Of National Development Planning


Expert Staff On Social Affairs and Poverty Reduction


Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, MSc

Expert Staff On Synergy for Economy and Financing

  Erwin Dimas, SE, DEA, MSi

Expert Staff On Development of Priority Sectors and Infrastructure


Dr. Velix Vernando Wanggai, S.IP., MPA

Expert Staff On Institutional Interrelations


Dr. Diani Sadia Wati, SH, LLM

Expert Staff on Equity and Regional Development

  Drs. Oktorialdi, MA, Ph.D

Deputy For Human Development, Community, and Culture

  Dr. Ir. Subandi, MSc

Director Of Public Health and Nutrition


Pungkas Bahjuri Ali, STP, MS, Ph.D

Director Of Religion, Education, and Culture

  Drs. Amich Alhumami, MA, M.Ed, Ph.D

Director Of Higher Education, Science, and Technology 

  Tatang Muttaqin, S.Sos., M.Ed., Ph.D

Director Of Family, Women, Children, Youth, and Sports

  Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum, ST, MIDS

Deputy For Politics, Law, Defense, and Security

  DR. Ir. Slamet Soedarsono, MPP, QIA, CRMP, CGAP

Director Of Politics and Communication


Drs. Wariki Sutikno, MCP (PLT)

Director Of State Apparatus

  Prahesti Pandanwangi, SH, Sp.N, LLM

Director Of Laws and Regulations


R.M Dewo Broto Joko P., SH, LLM

Director Of Foreign Affairs and International Development Cooperation


Dr. Ir. Wisnu Utomo, M.Sc

Director Of Defense and Security

  Bogat Widyatmoko, SE, MA 

Deputy For Demography and Manpower 

  Drs. Pungky Sumadi, MCP, Ph.D

Director Of Demography and Social Security

  Dr. Muhammad Cholifihani, SE, MA

Director Of Manpower 


Mahatmi Parwitasari Saronto, ST, MSIE

Director Of Poverty Alleviation and Community Development


Maliki, ST, MSIE, Ph.D

Director Of Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives


Dr. Ir. Ahmad Dading Gunadi, MA

Deputy For Economic Affairs

  Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, ST, MSi, M.Eng. Ph.D

Director Of  Macroeconoomic Planning and Statistical Analysis

  Eka Chandra Buana, SE, MA

Director Of State Finance and Monetary Analysis


Dr. Ir. Boediastoeti Ontowirjo, MBA

Director Of Financial Services and State-Owned Enterprises

  Dr. Onny Noyorono, MIA, MA

Director Of Trade, Investment, and International Economic Cooperation


P.N. Laksmi Kusumawati, SE, MSE, MSc (PLT)

Director Of Industry, Tourism and Creative Economy


Leonardo Adypurnama Alias Teguh Sambodo, SP, MS, Ph.D

Deputy For Maritime and Natural Resources

  Dr. Ir. Arifin Rudiyanto, MSc

Director Of Food and Agriculture


Ir. R. Anang Noegroho Setyo Moeljono, M.E.M

Director Of Forestry and Water Resources Conservatiion


Dr. Nur Hygiawati Rahayu, ST, MSc

Director Of Maritime and Fisheries

  Dr. Ir. Sri Yanti JS, MPM 

Director Of Energy, Mineral, and Mining Resources


Dr. Ir. Yahya Rachmana Hidayat, MSc

Director Of Environment


Ir. Medrilzam, M.Prof.Econ, Ph.D

Deputy For Infrastructure   Ir. Josaphat Rizal Primana, MSc

Director Of Water Resources and Irrigation 


Abdul Malik Sadat Idris, ST, M.Eng 

Director Of Transportation


Ikhwan Hakim, ST, MSc, Ph.D

Director Of Electricity, Telecommunications and Informatics


Dr. Ir. Rachmat Mardiana, MA

Director Of Planning and Development Of National Priority Infrastructure


Taufiq Hidayat Putra, ST, M.Eng, Ph.D (PLT)

Director Of Housing and Settlement


Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, ST, MEM

Deputy For Regional Development

  Ir. Rudy Soeprihadi Prawiradinata, MCRP, Ph.D 

Director Of Spatial Planning and Disaster Management

  Drs. Sumedi Andono Mulyo, MA, Ph.D

Director Of Local Development

  Mia Amalia, ST, MSi, Ph.D 

Director Of Regional I

  Uke Mohammad Hussein, SSi, MPP

Director Of Regional II

  Mohammad Roudo, ST, MPP, Ph.D (PLT)

Director Of Regional III

  Ika Retna Wulandary, ST, MSc (PLT)

Deputy For Development Funding


Scenaider Clasein Hasudungan Siahaan, CA, MSc, CIA, FRM

Director Of Planning For Development Funding


Teni Widuriyanti, SE, MA

Director Of Allocation Of Development Funding


Erwin Dimas, SE, DEA, MSi (PLT)

Director For Bilateral Foreign Funding


Kurniawan Ariadi, SIP, M.Com

Director For Multilateral Foreign Funding


Dr. Rd. Siliwanti, MPIA

Directorate Of Innovative Funding Engagement


Drs. Sri Bagus Guritno, AK, M.Sc

Deputy For Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control Of Development


Dr. Ir. Taufik Hanafi, MUP

Director Of System and Procedure For Development Monitoring, Evaluation and Control 


Hari Dwi Korianto, S.Kom, MSi

Director Of Monitoring, Evaluation and Control For Sectoral Development


Drs. Adhi Putra Alfian, MSi

Director Of Monitoring, Evaluation and Control For Regional Development


Agustin Arry Yanna, SS, MA

Director Of Evaluation and Control For Development Planning Formulation


Dr. Alex Oxtavianus, M.Si 

Chief Inspector


Ir. Wismana Adi Suryabrata, MIA

Inspector Of General Administration

  Dr. Rr. Trisacti Wahyuni AK, M.Ak

Inspector Of Institutional Performance

  Thohir Afandi, SPd, MPA 

Secretary Of the Ministry Of National Development Planning/Head Secretary of Bappenas

  Dr. Ir. Himawan Hariyoga Djojokusumo, MSc

Head Of Bureau For Public Relations and Executive Administration


Parulian Goerge Andreas Silalahi, SE, M.Si 

Head Of Bureau For Human Resources


Emmy Soeparmijatun, SH, MPM (PLT)

Head Of Bureau For Legal Affairs


Raden Rara Rita Erawati, SH, LL.M

Head Of Bureau For Planning, Organization, and Administration


Ir. Rohmad Supriyadi, MSi

Head Of Bureau For General Affairs

  Oktorika, SE.Ak, MM



Head Of Center For Development, Education and Training For Planners


Dr. Guspika, MBA

Head Of Center For Data and Information For Development Planning


Mohammad Irfan Saleh, ST, MPP, Ph.D (PLT)

Head Of Center For Policy Analysis and Performance


Dr. Velix Vernando Wanggai, SIP, MPA (PLT)


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