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History of Bappenas

Bappenas as is known today, has started its history immediately upon Indonesia gaining independence in August 1945. It was realized that gaining political independence will not suffice if not accompanied by endeavors to enhance the economic wellbeing of the people. Thus, on 12 April 1947, the Planning Board was established, which succeeded to formulate Indonesia’s first development planning document, called the “Dasar-dasar Pokok Daripada Plan Mengatur Ekonomi Indonesia” (Basic Plan for Developing Indonesia’s Economy).

The role and functions that the planning agency had assumed since 1947 onwards, however, had depended on the specific social and economic conditions. Indeed, the planning process has not occurred in a vacuum of such conditions. There had been  several distinctive underlying characteristics affecting it. First, the orientation of the national development needs to have a strong commitment to economic development. The role of the national development planning agency is essential if  enhanmcing the economic wellbeing of the people has become a commitment. Second, the development planning agency will have a more effective role if the head of the planning agency is directly placed under more explicit in the cabinet, as is now exmplied in the head being the Minister of National Development Planning, not juet as the Head of the National Development Planning Agency.  Third, eventhough the development planning agency performs as a think-tank, the national development planning agency needs to effectively coordinate with all Ministries as well as with Regional Governments, as currently manifested in the Musrenbangnas (National Development Planning Consultation).

From being a Planning Board on 12 April 1947, which is the official birth date of Bappenas, then on 7 January 1952 it became the Badan Perancang Negara (State Development Agency), which formulated Indonesia’s  first five year plan, namely the development plan for 1956-1960. The term ‘Bappenas’ originated in Presidential Decree Number 12 of 1963, which integrated the Depernas into the Kabinet Kerja.

Further information on Bappenas Vision, Mission, Functions, Role and Strategic Plan, as well as the System of National Development Planning as contained in Law No 25 of 2004 and the Long-Term National Development Planning as contained in Law No. 17 of 2007,  are all available on this web site.



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