Bappenas Strengthens Development Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control Efforts

In line with the coordination and formulation of policies, the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas conducted a public socialization event on Ministerial Regulation no. 1/2023 on Procedures for Monitoring, Controlling, and Evaluation of Development Plan Implementation on Tuesday (30/5).

This regulation clarifies aspects of monitoring and control outlined in Ministerial Regulation no.1/2017 on the Scope and Mechanism on Procedures for Monitoring, Controlling, and Evaluation of Annual Development Plans and Medium-Term Development Plans. In other words, the evaluations carried out are divided into ongoing evaluations and post/end of implementation evaluations.

“Let us work together closely with each other in monitoring and fulfilling this document, including on the mechanisms that help bring these results into the fore not only in Bappenas, but also in all related ministries/agencies,” said Bappenas’ Acting Deputy of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Development Control Erwin Dimas.

Several challenges for monitoring, evaluating, and controlling development plans include the increasingly complex interrelationships between actors and policies, a sharper level of detail from policies to projects, and demands for budget planning based on evaluation results. Therefore, the content of this Ministerial Regulation is in line with the expectations of President Joko Widodo regarding the implementation of development programs but also that the benefits of development can be felt across the country. Erwin explained that the optimal implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and control is expected to realize an accountable and useful development implementation process.

Ministerial Regulation no. 1/2023 accommodates the dynamics of development planning both at a macro level and micro level, namely the development concepts in the form of short term, medium term, and long-term national planning documents, as well as strategic planning documents. Furthermore, this regulation emphasizes the role of each planning document and its development stages.