Bappenas Ensures Smooth Delivery of 2025-2045 RPJPN and RKP Drafts

The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas ensures the accuracy of national planning documents so that development targets can be achieved.

The Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa said that his ministry needs to oversee the preparation of the 2025-2045 National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) and the Government Working Plan (RKP) so that the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision can be achieved optimally.

“Right now, we are compiling something that in my opinion will become a part of history and hopefully produce a guideline that will serve all the nation’s children and all stakeholders,” Minister Suharso said on Monday (8/5).

The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas oversees the implementation of planning documents at the national level and the provincial and district/city levels. To ensure that development targets can be achieved, development planning must also be carried out down to the smallest government level. Minister Suharso added that the urgency of planning documents is also carried out by regional governments, so that all development planning steps are convergent and coherent throughout the country.

In addition, Minister Suharso also said it was important to introduce the 2025-2045 RPJPN and RKP so that all involved parties, especially the wider community, know, support and carry out development planning efforts and contribute to accelerating the achievement of development targets. The 2025-2045 RPJPN will become the basis for national development planning for leaders elected in the elections of 2024.

“Important presidential, legislative, regency, and mayoral elections will be held at the same time so that we can move in the same steps and converge together. Thus, if we want to achieve our net zero emissions target, for example, we must move in the same direction,” Minister Suharso said.