Bappenas & IKN Authority Welcome Public Input for IKN Law Amendment

BALIKPAPAN – The Ministry of National Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency (Kementerian PPN/Bappenas), in collaboration with the Nusantara Capital City Authority (IKN Authority), conducted an information sharing session, or socialization, of Law No. 21/2023 on Amendments to Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the Capital City. 

During the socialization, which also discussed the development of the amendment to the implementing regulations of the IKN Law, Expert Staff Member on Institutional Relations of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas Teni Widuriyanti, discussed the importance of the involvement and collaboration of all parties. "The Ministry of National Development Planning/ National Development Planning Agency, as the initiator of Law Number 21 of 2023, wants to ensure that all stakeholders can better understand these changes so that, in the future, they can actively contribute to the development of IKN," said Teni.

The Head of the IKN Authority, Bambang Susantono, agreed that expanding public involvement is a priority. "It is crucial to encourage active participation of the wider community, especially those in East Kalimantan because IKN is designed as a global city for everyone, without exception," explained Bambang. The socialization is also an effort to accelerate the planning, development, relocation, and implementation of the IKN National Capital. Law Number 21 of 2023 mandates inclusive and equitable economic growth, achieving Indonesia-centric economic growth, and IKN development through the strengthening of the IKN Authority's role, supported by cross-sectoral collaboration. The development of the IKN is a national priority in the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2019-2024 and a super-priority transformation effort (game changer) in the National Long-Term Development Plan 2025-2045.

"The Nusantara Capital is expected to be the driver of Indonesia's economy in the future, supporting the national economic transformation towards the Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision," explained Teni in the socialization involving representatives of the East Kalimantan Provincial Regional Legislative Council (DPRD), Penajam Paser Utara and Kutai Kartanegara District DPRDs, Balikpapan City Government, Penajam Paser Utara and Kutai Kartanegara District Governments, East Kalimantan Provincial Government, Ministries/Agencies, academics, and indigenous communities. IKN Authority panelists explained the latest points of Law No. 21/2023 from the implementation and academic perspectives to ensure that all sectors can easily understand the meaning of the regulation. Law No. 21/2023 was promulgated on 31 October, 2023, through the Inter-Ministerial Committee process, Academic Text alignment, Bill Harmonization, and Government-DPR RI discussions until the House of Representatives (DPR) Plenary Session on 3 October 2023.

Meanwhile, Bappenas’ Special Staff on the Sustainable Development Goals of the IKN Authority, Diani Sadiawati, mentioned that this was the fifth time the IKN Law socialization forum with stakeholders and community figures in East Kalimantan had been conducted. "This indicates how intensive the dissemination steps and understanding related to the substance of Law No. 21/2023 are with the East Kalimantan community. 

One very important change point is related to the assurance of the sustainability of IKN development so that legal certainty for IKN development according to the stages set in the IKN Law will provide clarity for stakeholders related to sustainable IKN development," said Staff Diani. Four previous public consultations were conducted to gather input from the public in the process of formulating Law No.21/2023, both offline in Balikpapan and online. To meet the principle of meaningful public participation in policy and legislative formulation, responses to input and feedback have been conveyed through the website and directly.